We analyzed the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you here. If you have other questions or issues, please contact us.

What is ADFluenz?

ADFluenz is an online marketing platform where influencers get to meet amazing brands. Together they collaborate to co-create the trendiest content.

Every business whether big or small needs to boost its reach to the right audience. Through our platform influencers help these brands build its reach by endorsing quality content to their loyal followers and in turn they are rewarded for all their social actions.

How do I post?

Campaigns are different and unique for every brand and their requirements. Every campaign will have a detailed description to guide you in the right direction. Do ensure you read the brief carefully and understand the dos and don'ts before creating and posting any content. If you do not understand the dos and don'ts please do get in touch with brands@adfluenz.com to get more clarity and in the future you will be able to directly ask the brand for clarifications. Campaigns will differ from brand to brand and strategy to strategy, brands might require you to share you assignment with them for reviews before a final approval; thus, please ensuring that the content is relevant and to the point. Also please note, that in the future we will be developing social score, which will be based on the quality of your current content, traction which you are receiving. Finally, do remember that your performance today will be dependent on your future engagement with brands.

What is the payment model for campaigns?

We are keeping it simple. Currently we have a pay-per campaign model in place, where you as the influencer will have a chose to take up campaigns based on the deliverables vs the set commercials by the brand. Once you chose to participate in the campaigns we will hold your dues until you perform all the necessary actions. As soon as these actions are completed and the campaign ends all your payments will be calculated and populate on your earnings page within 4 working days of the campaign deadline.

What are the different ways of being remunerated for endorsements?

Products, Cash, Negotiate a barter with the brand

How can I delete my ADFluenz account?

To delete your ADFluenz account, you need to email us at contact@adfluenz.com and we'll do the needful.

Account set up

Are you ready to be part of something awesome? Well let's get started.

To join our network you first need to provide us with your email address following which you need to connect your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. Keep in mind the more accounts you connect, the higher your chances of being accepted within our unique system.

It will take us at least 5-7 days to ensure a thorough verification and once that's done we will send across your account credentials via email.


Once your account is set up and you log-in its recommended you fill out your profile page completely. This helps us connect you with the brands you love. So make sure you list out all your interests and we'll in turn help you kick start your partnership.


We've got an awesome algorithm in place that automatically matches your interests with the brands campaigns thus it's important to have a complete profile that is connected to all your social networks. It's the best way of enhancing your chance of being invited into campaigns sooner.

How long does it take to show how much I earned on the campaign?

You will know exactly how much each campaign is valued at, as the commercials will be listed on the Campaign Details page. All earnings will reflect immediately; however, given that we want to be transparent and honest with all our stakeholders, all payment approvals will be made within 4 working days of the campaign ending and your earning page will populate with the relevant information. If you have any issues on this you can contact the team.

How will I be paid?

All payments will be made by NEFT transfer by the 10th of every month. You will receive all your dues which are outstanding will be accumulated up until the last day of the month. eg: All dues up until the 31st of January will be accumulated and will be cleared by the 10th of February This process is for the initial phase and is subject to change in the coming months.